$10 MM!!! or Cheaper on BioTrue Multi-Purpose Solution @ RiteAid [INTERMEDIATE]

This is a great deal. Medium level, because it requires 3 computers to get the Printable coupons. But still even if you had 2computers, its still a fantastic MM(MoneyMaker!)  You could call ahead to see if you store has that many, but most Wednesdays, RiteAid get a shipment!

The 4oz BioTrue Multipurpose solution is $4.99 this week
For every one you buy you get a $4 UP+Reward!! 🙂

Use the $2/1 Printable coupon HERE


Buy 5 =$24.95
Buy a $0.05 filler

-$5 Use a $5/$25 coupon
-$10 Use 5 of the IP coupons($2/1)

PAY $10.XX(or use previous UP+ rewards)

Get back 5x$4 rewards!!!!($20 worth)
So your NET is $10 Moneymaker!!! 🙂

So you can see that even if you had 4 coupons(2 per computer x 2 computers), its still a $8 MM!

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