FREE/Cheap Subzero Stainless Water Bottles @ RiteAid [BEGINNER]

Right now RiteAid has some of their Stainless Steel Water bottles for $5.99, 50% off ($2.99ea)
The bottles with UPC code 90008213 and 90008214 work great for this deal!

For every 2 you buy you get a $5 UP+ Reward!

So Buy 2 of the bottles =$5.98
PAY(or use previous rewards!)
Get a $5 UP+ reward
NET =$0.98 for 2 bottles


Buy 8 =$23.92
Buy a candy bar or something worth $1.08

Use a $5/$25 coupon
PAY the $20.XX(or use previous UP+ rewards)

Get back 4x$5UP+ rewards($20 total)
So basically your getting all 8 bottles and a candy bar(or whatever) for FREE 🙂

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