$2.23 for a MEGA 6pk roll of Scott Paper Towels @ Winco [BEGINNER]

Wow!  What a Great Deal!!  One of the best prices you will ever see!  Winco is putting out a really good deal every week it seems.  I did double check and the Cottenelle Toilet Paper is still $3.48.  Perhaps you can work these into your $10/$50 printable you printed yesterday!

Deal Details

  • The MEGA Scott Paper Towels Choose-a-size 6pk are $3.48
  • There is a brand new $1.25 Printable coupon for these!



So First lets print out the coupon.  Go HERE, signup for an account.  They don’t verify any info. 😉  It will then allow you to print out a $0.75/1 coupon.  It will show you a link, open that link into a NEW TAB.  Then on your current tab, click the “Share with 3 friends for a $1.25/1 coupon”.  A window will pop up where you can put 3 friends emails in the box, they don’t verify this either.  It takes ANY VALID Email.  😉  Once you enter in 3 email addresses, you hit submit, or enter.  It will take you to a place where you can print out 1 $1.25/1 coupon.  On the tab you opened earlier for the $0.75/1 coupon, you can print out 2.  Of course these coupons are PER computer.

I printed out 2x$1.25!

So i bought 2 MEGA Scott Paper Towels Choose-a-size 6pk @ $3.48 each =$6.96
-$2.50  2 x $1.25/1Printable coupons
=$4.46 for 2 or $2.23 each!!!

This is basically the cheapest price you will ever see these. So it is a STOCK up price for sure.  I will be getting more.  Even if you just have one computer to print, using the $0.75/1 coupons makes these $2.73.  🙂


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