Cheap or FREE Fresh Express Salad Kits @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Remember the last deal on these a few weeks ago. I mentioned that you should save those coupons to a PDF so that between then and 1/31/13 when the coupon expired, we could still get cheap Salad.

Well that day is here!

Deal Details

  • Currently this week, the Fresh Express Salad Kits are $2.50 each.
  • We have the $2/1 Fresh Express Salad Kits Printable Coupon
  • There is still the J4U $3 off $10 E-Coupon

So First we add the e-coupon to our Safeway card. Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to Personalized deals.  Scroll down under Produce, and you should see the coupon  Purchase $10 or more and Save $3 Special offer.  This “produce” coupon works on everything found in produce area.

Then we need to print out the $2/1 Coupon.  I have attached what came from them in December.  Click HERE. You need to print this coupon out at 115% of the size.

So went and bought 4 Fresh Express Salad Kits =$10
-$8  4x $2/1 Coupons-I printed as many as i needed.
-$3  J4U E-Coupon(becuase i spent $10)
=$1 MM!!!

I had some items in my transaction to cover this overage.  They may adjust the coupons down so that your total is $0.  Which of course is still great!  If you do not have available to you the J4U Coupon, your total will be $2 for 4 bags, which is $0.50each,  a VERY good price for lunch or dinner!

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