$2+MM on Herbal Slimming Tea @ Rite Aid [BEGINNER]

{UPDATE} This deal is slowly dying!  its working at random stores across the US, fully dying once all stores update their systems!  Hopefully you got in on the deal!!


Herbal Slimming Tea?  Yep!  This is a great little deal that will go quick, but it means making Money!  Just FREE Rite Aid Money!

Currently these Herbal Slimming Teas are $2.99 each regular price.

There are producing a $5 UPs for every ONE you buy. Limit 3 per card!!!!

So i bought 3 = $8.97 PAY
And i got back $15 in UPs! = NET  $6.03MM!!
I have the Gold discount on my card which means that i actually only paid $7.18 for the 3=$7.82 MM!!

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