New Feature to the Website – Store Manager Details

Have you ever needed a Manager? Believe it or not, to actually speak to someone “up the chain”  has increasingly become more difficult. So over the years I kept a list of managers, district managers, regional managers, and in most cases the vice presidents, info for Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyers and Rite Aid. So I am slowly going to put this information up for your convenience and use.

To start, i am adding the Safeway Manager Detail page. You can find it by going to the main page, www.whospendsmoney.com and on the menu bar go to “Manager Details”, then choose the store you wish to see. You’ll find Safeway there.

I’ll be putting up the other stores information there over the next few weeks. Please feel free to keep me updated if you notice something that isn’t correct.

I hope it can be a useful tool for you, as it is for me! 🙂

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