3 Great $0.48 Deals, Spaghetti Sauce, Ketchup and Shasta Soda @ Winco [BEGINNER]

I needed to buy a few things today at Winco, and noticed they had 3 new “Price Shocker” Items.  These tend to last 1-2 weeks. The Cottonelle TP and Scott paper towels are “off” the previous price shocker prices. So if you want these items, get them soon!

At this time there is no coupons for these items, but at $0.48 each, the price in fantastic!

  • Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce, 24oz $0.48
  • Del Monte Ketchup, 24oz $0.48
  • Shasta Soda 2-liters $0.48  (not the best soda, but its cheap!!)

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