Albertsons Butterball $10 Catalina UPC List 11/11/12-11/22/12

So what is this?  Every time you ever see a Catalina promotion there exists an UPC list.  In this case the $10 butterball turkey promo at Albertsons.  We need to buy 4 participating products and a turkey to get the $10 Catalina.  Which 4 items?  Well to be absolutely sure, we can look at this list.  Notice the general description of product and the UPC number.  If that matches the product on the product we are buying, we can be sure that we wont have any issues with Catalina not printing due to getting the wrong items.

HERE is the list!

These lists are good at finding hidden items that may trigger the Catalina.

This list may not be useful to everyone but it will to some.


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3 comments to Albertsons Butterball $10 Catalina UPC List 11/11/12-11/22/12

  • Maria Tatum

    I just tried to this deal at the Albertson’s in Cedar Mill. I bought the 3lb turkey breast and 4 cans evaporated milk. It did not give me the $10 coupon. :(. Instead I got a coupon for free eggs and one for $1.50 my next frozen meat purchase. I bought a couple other items too, is that why it didn’t work? Are you supposed to only buy those items on the list on one transaction?



    • gdog

      You absolutely should have gotten it(as long as the butterball turkey UPC is on this list). i would go back to the CS desk, bring your Receipt and the 2 cheesy CATs you received and tell them you should have gotten the $10 CAT. Since this deal is right in the ad, they WILL take care of you. The managers there are very good and should help in a few minutes time. If you have already tried this, let me know and i can go test it and help them get it working. Ive done the deal twice in Hillsboro, and some others have done it at least 10 times in a row in the Corn Pass Store.

  • gdog

    Once you click on HERE, then click the Butter BallPromo link. It will work!

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