Barilla Pasta Sauce Even Cheaper! PLUS a J4U Savings Tip! @ Safeway

The Joys of the Safeway J4U program. As you know the J4U program is where you go to Safeway.com and register your Safeway Club Card. You then are able to add “coupons” to your card that automatically get redeemed at the stores. The thing about J4U is that they release a same set of coupons to everyone, but then they give special coupons based upon what you and others in your area spending habits are.  You never really know what you are going to get until Wednesday morning each week.  This week if you use your club a “reasonable” amount, you will see some variation of the following under the “Personalized Savings” section on the Safeway website.

Now the Joy of these coupons.

J4U Tip: Using the “%” coupon along with B1G1, B2G2 and other Buy “X” Save “$X” deals.


For instance with a B1G1 Sale.   Last week many people had a “30% off Any Bread” J4U coupon. The Thomas bagels were B1G1($4.69ea).  So 30% of $4.69=$1.41, so $4.69-$1.41=$3.28 for 2 bags(or $1.64 each).

For instance with a B2G2Sale. Lets Say a M&M Candy is on Sale for $0.99 each and is on a B2G2 Sale.  If say, I had a “10% off Any Candy” J4U coupon(like shown above), this is how it would be calculated.  10% off of $0.99 would be $0.10, so 4 of them would cost, $1.98(since 2 are free)-$0.40(you get $0.10 off each, even the FREE ones) = $1.58 (or $0.40 ea).

For instance with a Buy X Save $X Sale.  This week there are many items if you Buy 4 you Save $2 instantly.  We are going to use the Barilla Pasta as an example.  They are $1.99 ea.  But if you buy 4, you save $2(or $0.50 per item)=$1.49 each.  This week many people got the “10% Any Pasta Sauce” J4U Coupon.  This is calculated off the sales price.  So 10% of $1.99 is $0.20.  So when you buy 4 @ $1.99($7.96) minus the instant $2 promo minus $0.80(4 x $0.20each) = $5.16.  🙂

These examples of course are before any coupons or doubles.  You can use these on TOP of the math above! 🙂

So the Barilla Sauce Deal Looks like this if you have 4 of the $0.75/1   9/29SS coupons and the 10% Any Pasta Sauce J4U Coupon.

Buy 4 Barilla Pasta Sauces @ $1.99ea =$7.96
-$2         Instant $2 promo
-$3         4 x $0.75/1 Barilla pasta Sauce 9/29 SS
-$0.80  The 10% off J4U discount
-$2        Use 4 double coupons
Final Price= $0.16 for 4 jars!( or $0.04 ea!!)

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