Cheap C&H 4lb Sugar, Cheap Odwalla, and Cheap Tai Pei Dinners @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

So Here are 3 quick little deals you can do at Safeway.  The C&H 4lb Sugar works out to $0.99ea! Odwalla worls out to $0.65ea, and the Frozen Chinese Tai Pei meals work out to $0.75ea.

The first one is the easiest, the C&H sugar.

  • In this weeks ad, is a coupon for C&H 4lb Sugar for $1.99ea, limit 3.
  • In the 11/4 SS is a $0.50/1 C&H Sugar Product coupon
  • We can double those coupons at Safeway(with double coupon found in ad)

So i bought 3 C&H 4lb Sugar = $7.47
used the in-ad Coupon making them $1.99ea
used 3 $0.50/1 C&H Sugar coupon(-$1.50)
used 3 doubles for those coupons(-$1.50)
=$2.97 or $0.99ea.  This price is as about as cheap as it gets










The next deal for the Odwalla, 12oz is this.  This and the next deal are a little harder to do.

  • They are $2 each this week.
  • Here you can print our a $0.75/1 Odwalla coupon (facebook coupon)
  • There is a J4U coupon that you can add to your card.  Its available to most not to all.  Go HERE, login to your Safeway account.  Go to Personalized deals.  Scroll down under Produce, and you should see the coupon  Purchase $10 or more and Save $3 Special offer.  This “produce” coupon works on the Odwalla’s!

So i bought 5 of these Odwalla =$10
i used 5x $0.75 Odwalla Printable coupons
=$6.25, then the -$3 J4U coupon instantly came off
=$3.25.  which makes them $0.65 each!!!!!










The next deal requires a few of the same things.

  • There is a J4U Tai Pei Coupon that makes them 2/$3.  Its a one time use coupon, but you can purchase as many as you want in the SAME transaction to get the 2/$3 price
  • There is a new B1G1 coupon for these frozen entrees, HERE (facebook coupon)

So I bought 8 of these Frozen Tai Pei Dinners =$12 (The J4U discount just comes off when you scan it)
I used 4 x B1G1 Printable Tai Pei Coupons = took off-$6
=$6 for 8 or $0.75 ea!!



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