Cheap Frozen Chicken Breast @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

This deal requires 2 computers, BUT is a VERY easy deal to do.

This week the 4lb bags of chicken are $7.98 each

Right now at you can get a $2 Off Printable Coupon and a $2 off eCoupon, its really the same coupon, but you can use these together! This is how you do it.


Load the $2 off bag of 4lb frozen chicken to your Club Card.

From another computer, go HERE again.
This time, don’t login, but on the left side of your screen, you see the words “Print at Home” Click there.
Then you will see the $2/1 Frozen Chicken Coupon, which you can “Add”, Then Print. Voila


Buy 1 Bag of 4lb Frozen Chicken breasts =$7.98
-$2 Use the Club card you added the eCoupon to.
-$2 Use the $2/1 Chicken coupon you printed out.
=$3.98 PAY.
$0.99/lb for chicken breast is a very decent price.

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