FREE Arm&Hammer toothpaste [UPDATE]

Well i have some unfortunate news on this deal!  Safeway apparently said they made a mistake on there A&H toothpaste price.  Instead of $0.49ea(that was working everywhere yesterday), they said it should have been $1.49 ea(which is what most registers today are registering).  Its actually quite rare when safeway changes something like this, so its just not that great of a deal.

I suppse its still a decent deal if this is something you buy.

BUying 3, with the 2 different coupons below, and double coupons gets you this.

using the $0.75/1, doubles($1.25 total)  makes these $0.25 each
using the $1/1, doubles($1.50 total) still makes these FREE. So, still depending on which coupons you have its a nice deal, just not a awesome deal! 🙂

This is a great and easy deal to do. (year supply good, if thats your thing)

Starting today, Arm & Hammer toothpastes are $1.49 each.
For every 3 you buy 3, you save an instant $3!
So that makes them $0.49 each

In the 8/22 SS is a $0.75/1 coupon
HERE is a $1/1 coupon

So with a easy combination of these coupons, these are FREE items.

So Buy 3 =$1.47
use 3 of the above coupons(1x$0.75 and 2x$1/1)
Obviously FREE!!

You have all week. So IF they are out get a raincheck. Make sure the Raincheck shows $0.49 in multiples of 3.
If this is YOUR brand, get a raincheck for 12 or 15. Goto ebay, buy 15 of the $0.75/1 coupons, for around $1.25, voila! Cheap toothpaste that should last all year!

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