Cheap/FREE Arm&Hammer Sonic ToothbrusheS @ Riteaid [ADVANCED]

This deal is fairly easy to do, if you have the printable coupons.  Finding the stock might be the hardest part, but call ahead to see!  this does require a few easy coupons to get, but even if you didnt have 1 or 2 coupons, its still a break-even transaction with the rebate.

All the Arm&Hammer products this week are B1G1.

The Crest Pro Health toothpastes are $2.99, and get a $2 UP reward back.

So..this is how the transaction goes.  it requires a few coupons, but

Buy 2  Arm & Hammer Sonic rechargeable BOGO ($27.99 or $29.99)
Buy 1  Crest Pro-Health($2.99)
Total = $30.98 or $32.98
-$5 off $25 riteaid coupon(ive sent before, or, zipcode 19190)
-$3  Video value RiteAid coupon from Augusts coupons, you would have to have watched it in August
-$8   2x $4 Arm&hammer pro sonic toothbrush found HERE
-$3   3x $1/$10 oral products-wellness coupons.  since we are spending $30 worth.  $1/$10 oral product coupon
-$1    $1/1 Crest Prohealth coupon-this Riteaid coupon is found in the new Flu shot booklet
-$0.75   8/29 PG  Crest pro health toothpaste
(total $20.75 in coupons)
PAY $10.23 or $12.23  –use previous UP+ rewards to get this total down

REceive a $5 UP+ reward for buying $15 worth of Arm&Hammer products, and a $2 UP+ reward from buying the Crest toothpaste($7 back total)
NET = $3.23 or $5.23 for 2 sonic toothbrushes and a toothpaste
Also there is a rebate spend $25 of oral products and get a $10 RiteAid Giftcard. These should qualify, so this transaction is a MM!!!! 🙂 🙂

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