Fantastic Walgreens Deals with $5/$20 Coupons @ Walgreens

This is a really good coupon and EVERYONE can get TODAY. It just prints today, but is good for 2 days.

It is a Spend $20 get $5 off Walgreen’s Store coupon.  Currently you can get one with any transaction you spend less than $5 with.  I have been buying the $0.10 2 pocket folders I told you about in the Weekly Summary.  I bought 5 of these folders, in separate transactions, and EACH time I received a $5/$20 coupon.  SO that means i Need to spend at Least $20 after all other store coupons but BEFORE manufacturer coupons.  Its easier then you think.  Here are the 2 transactions that i did multiple times today.

Scenario #1

6 Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner/Styling Products($2.99ea) = $17.94
$2.04 in other ANY other items=FREE money to spend 🙂
-$15  Use 3 x $5/2 Clairol items 7/7 P&G
-$5    Use the $5/$20 Walgreen’s Coupon
Final Price= $0! 🙂  this depends on what your filler item was(your $2.04 item(s) )
Get 3,000 points for buying the Herbal Essences(1000points wyb 2)=$3 MoneyMaker!!


Scenario #2

1 x Eucerin Professional Repair Dry Lotion $8.99 ea
2 x Eucerin extra repair extensive lotion $5.49 ea
$1.04 filler (=any other items for $1.04 worth-if your item is higher, you just pay the addition OOP)
-$6   3 x $2/1 Eucerin Coupon (I posted this on Facebook 2 days ago, more detail there about unlimited prints)
-$5   $5/$20 Walgreen’s Coupon
Final Price=$10.01  which I used 10,000k points to pay, which cost me $0.01 OOP!
And I got a $8 RR back.  when you spend $15 worth of Eucerin products you get a $8RR.

You “lose” $2 between the points and RR, but you are also paying $2 for 3 very expensive hand creams/lotions, which is not really a loss.  You can buy ANY combo of Eucerin products, to make the deal work, I just chose the most “deal” related combo.  Make sure your combo of 3 Eucrein products are over $19.50 to make everything work well above.

I did the above transactions about 5 times EACH, which gives me a TON of Herbal essences products and Eucerin Products, and I don’t think i spent more than $2 OOP, over everything.

Here are just a sample of the items…

You can of course come up with your own scenarios.  You can get the reach products, the mouthwash on sale this week, The Purell(with bonus packs), etc…just clear $20 BEFORE MQs. 🙂

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2 comments to Fantastic Walgreens Deals with $5/$20 Coupons @ Walgreens

  • lisa

    Thanks for the HU! Quick question: I’m one of those that never gets a $/$$ coupon. Do you enter your rewards number when making these purchases?

    • gdog

      today you should. yes, to get the $0.10 you need to put in card#…..for the rulers$0.19, you still can. today it should print for everyone. i tried at 5 or 6 diff stores, got it everytime 100%

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