FREE Alegra Allergy + Overage! @ Albertsons [BEGINNER]

Its Allergy season!  🙂    In this coming Sunday Paper(4/1/12) SS  is a $7 off Any Alegra product.  Currently the 5 ct boxes are $5.99 at Albertsons.  So using this coupon on one of these makes them FREE plus you have a $1.01 OVERAGE.

Now that its Albertsons official policy to allow you to apply this overage towards another product(s), buy something else you want for FREE!  if you have more than one coupon, most stores will allow you to use many coupons, so if you had 4 that’s a $4.04 total overage you can apply towards meat or veggies or something else that you need….again for FREE.

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