50,000 in air miles for $1 with United Credit Card

mmm, i tried to word the topic so that this deal would not be eaten up by your SPAM filters!  This is another credit card deal thats fantastic.  basically sign up(if you get accepted), after first purchase(as low as you want), they credit to you 50,000 united air miles.  there is no annual fee for the first year, so its basically FREE miles.  and unlike the last great deal from southwest, these miles can be used for everywhere in the world.

Here are the steps….

1)   Go Here –> by May 31st(id go sooner, they pull good CC deals).

2)   IF you do  not have an united account(a basic account) then you NEED to make one, HERE, its free.

3) It MAY then take you to the 60,000 offer.  if it DOESNT, then goto next step anyways, in a  new window.

4)  Go HERE (if your already here, skip this step)

5) This screen or the screen on step 3 should say something like “Up to 60,000 bonus miles and first year free”  Click Apply now.  it will then take you to application screen.

i hope it works for you!  Who cant go anywhere in the world for FREE? 🙂   Get the card, make the first purchase, get the miles, and then put the credit card on a shelf, and keep it for 6-8months.  Then Cancel it.  Put a reminder in your phone or something for that far out.  You will keep your miles still, and its good for your credit to keep credit cards for around 6+ months(versus cancelling after a month).

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