FREE Large Pizza at Papa John’s w/ Coin Toss Pick

Papa John’s did this promotion last year, and it was easy to score a FREE pizza.  This year it is even easier!!!

Go here –> Papa John’s Super Bowl XLVII Coin Toss Experience
If you pick right, what the actual coss toss will be during the superbowl, you win a FREE large 1-topping pizza.  You have until Feb 2 to enter!!

Here is the part that makes this promotion wonderful.  Although you “can’t” enter more than once(per email), the rules say that up to 4 members of your household CAN enter(per email).  So that means if you had 4 people in your household(that have a separate email), you can enter 4 times!!!  you could have 2 choose “tails”, and 2 choose “heads”, and you are guaranteed 2 FREE Pizzas!!

They will send you a code that you can use to order your FREE pizza after the Super Bowl!

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