FREE Sambazon Acai Drinks @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

Yay!  They are FREE again. 🙂

Deal Details

  • They are not even on sale this week, Reg Price $2.99
  • There is a reset on the $2/1 Printable coupons
  • There is a $1/1 Whole Foods Coupon, If you still have a copy of your whole Foods Coupon from Oct/Nov. If not ive included it.

So First we need to print our coupons.

The thing about coupons.com is that they have different coupons for different regions.  And its REALLY easy to switch regions(and its allowed)

First go HERE, change the zip code to 18501 for the $2/1 coupon and the 62946 for the $1.50/1,then click the little arrow to make the change permanent.  Once you do that, then go HERE

Then click the Beverages catagory.  You should see each of the below, under each unique zipcode.  Remember you can print 2, the first is easy, the second, they make you scroll through all of the coupons to see the one you want again.(Click “More Coupons”, etc), again…

Enter 18501 for the $2/1 Sambazon Drink Coupon
Enter 62946 for the $1.50/1 Sambazon Drink Coupon

Here is a copy of the Entire Whole Foods Coupon booklet from Oct/Nov, HERE.  page 5 has the coupon!


So i have a few computers to print these coupon off, but again,printing 2 per computer, will get you free(or $0.50each if you the $1.50 coupons)

I bought 8 Sambazon Drink @$2.99=$23.92
-$8    -8x $1/1 Whole Foods coupon(i printed one, and they took it off 8 times)
-$16  -8x $2/1 Printable coupons


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