You gotta get ibotta NOW! $5 Bonus ends Thursday Night!

What!  Didn’t you just tell us about his a few days ago?  Yep.  Apparently they are doing so good, they decided to take away the $5 bonus for new users.  So we have until Thursday Midnight to Sign up.  So Sign up HERE today!  If you think you might want to do this, i would sign up now, so that when you start to use it, you’ll get the bonus.  Of course you will be able to sign up anytime in the future, you just won’t the the $5 bonus!

You could still get the Green Apple Chapstick for FREE OR There is a $0.50 ibotta credit for cottonelle.  Which goes great with the $3.48 Cottonelle Deal at Winco i posted a few days ago, it makes them $2.98!!

Here is a nice overview

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create an iBotta account through this link
  2. Download the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android
  3. Scroll through the app and look at offers. They are for specific products. You earn cash by buying certain products and completing simple tasks – like learning a fact about the product, taking a poll or watching a video. It’s not a silly point system like some similar programs, it’s real cash.
  4. It CAN be combined with coupons and sales! So you get the items for cheap at the store by combining a coupon and a sale and then you submit your receipt electronically (by taking a photo of receipt with your phone or iPad) – and you get cash back from iBotta!
  5. You get a $5 bonus if you go through this special referral link (same iBotta link used above) and you complete your first offer (you buy the product and submit your receipt). This special $5 credit is ending soon.
  6. You receive a payment from PayPal, payout starts after only $5 earned!!  (thanks QBC!)
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