FREE Sierra Mist 2 Liters @ Walmart [INTERMEDIATE]

For the last 6 or 7 days Fred Meyers and QFC have had a new blinkie coupon.  This blinkie coupon is a $1/1 Sierra Mist 2 liter Product.


So where can we use these.  They have a fantastic expiration in the middle of January, so we have a ton of time to use them.  At some point EVERY store will have these at $1.  Currently though, Walmart has them for $1 each, for all the variates.


So next time you are in Fred Meyers or QFC grab a few of these.  If this is your drink, i would head over there sooner than later, as many of the coupon bloggers of the world will tell everyone about this coupon!

(OH!  I forgot to mention, if they cost $1 each and you have a $1/1 Coupon = FREE)

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