Free Tall Blonde or Vanilla Blonde Coffee at Starbucks!

A FREE cup of coffee?  On a coupon that never expires?  A $2.60 Coupon/eCode that you can transfer to your normal Gift Card, to then buy whatever you want?  Yep!  so, Why not? 🙂

You can get this Starbucks promotion here, Free Starbucks eGift coupon good for a Tall Blonde Roast or Vanilla Blonde Brewed Coffee   (Facebook is required.)

It allows you to send this offer to others too, but you don’t need to do this to get your gift.  You can do this deal once per facebook account. 😉  Of course quantities of the gift card are limited so hurry and get yours now! (Currently the Promotion is getting slammed, so it takes about 30min to get your code!)



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