2 Fandango Movie Tickets for $5-$6!!

Here is a deal that requires about 8 minutes to do, and a little effort, but hey, its for 2 cheap movie tickets. 🙂

This deal involves using TrialPay(www.trialpay.com).  Its a company that’s been around for at least 10 years, probably longer.  They offer FREE software and other FREE goodies for signing up on a trial basis with various companies, hence “TrialPay”.  Generally they use companies like book of the month, candy of the month, dating services, companies like these, BUT every once in awhile they work in conjunction with beneficial companies, like in this case Fandango.com.

So we will be using Godaddy.com for this deal.  The deal is, spend at least $5 at Godaddy.com, and you will instantly get a code for 2 Movie tickets valued at $12 each. You use these tickets AT THE SAME TIME.

First we click this link, HERE.  Put your name and email address in the fields. Then click continue.  Now during this deal, do not close your browser.

It will open a new browser and take you to www.godadddy.com.  It wants you to buy a domain name(a website name, really you are buying JUST the name, that’s it)    Enter anything name you want in the large obvious field.  Notice the next screen, that the domain name you chose, using the “.org” costs you $4.99.  Click the “add” button above the $4.99.  Click continue to checkout on the upper right.  Then a window will pop up, just hit continue. On this next screen, they want to sell you 2 years of service, you just want 1 year.  so in the box, mid-screeen, where it says ‘2 Years”  change that to “1 year”.  When you do, you’ll notice the price changes to $5.17.  Bingo!  Now click the “continue to checkout”   Sign up for an account, enter your credit card info to pay the $5.17, PAY for it.  It will give you a confirmation screen saying everything worked.

Then go back to the TrialPay tab.  Click the selection, that you completed the deal.  Now Wait!  Within 3min-60min you will get your code for 2 fandango movie tickets!!!  You have 60 days to use the code.

While you are waiting for your codes there is ONE MORE IMPORTANT STEP to do.  On the godaddy tab, goto “My Account”.  Then goto “Payments” section.  click on your account.  Check the box next to it.  Then click the “Auto-Renew” button.  It will ask you if you would like to turn off, auto renew, you say YES!  Turn it off!  Make sure there is a little “off” next to your domain name.  If so, your good to go!   Now you can just leave this account, you don’t even need to worry about every coming back to godaddy if you don’t want.

You can do this deal per email, setting up a new godaddy account each time.




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