Whole Body Swap Promo(Cheap/FREE Stuff) @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

So Whole Foods is doing a new promo in which they want you to try their natural and organic products.

Looking for safer, cleaner, more effective and environmentally responsible body care and supplement choices? We are so proud of our Whole Foods Market private label products, we SWAP you for the traditional brand you’re currently using for FREE! More details available in our Whole Body department!

So basically you bring your new unopened shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand wash, face wash, basically ANY BODY CLEANING product they have a 365 product version of and they let you swap it for free straight across.  For those who get the free sauve or other free product deals, this is a good use for those.  or that old bottle, or old bar of soap, old …. of “whatever” you have laying around, use that, to get a “better” product.

They are also trading across supplements. ie, centrum, flax oil, pretty much any supplement you take, that they have a 365 product equivalent or a whole foods brand product equivalent, and they will switch it straight across.

So to test this deal, i went to the dollar tree and bought a super size bottle of “shampoo” 🙂 and then used that to trade for their 365 brand big bottle of shampoo($7.99)(they match/trade sizes if possible), i also i bought a large bottle of hand soap to trade for there 18oz lavender natural handsoap($4.99).  so from $2 at dollar tree, i got a good deal.  🙂

This promo goes until at least May 31st, they prefer that you do 2 product trades PER VISIT….hehe, seems like a weird promo, but they said its a corporate thing they want to try out, so get some good products while you can!

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